Thursday, September 10, 2009

Culturally Relevant

My first series of post on this blog will be about the methods we use to share the message of the cross with our families and our communities. Here is my next thought.

How do we communicate the message of the gospel? Do we go door to door and share it? Do we send out mailing to our communities? Do we preach and teach only on our campuses? Do we encourage our members to do evangelism through relational living? Each of these methods I believe can be effective. But they have to be done in the right culture and the right community.

That means you need to know your community. Not only do you survey your community and find out how your church looks in their eyes, but you also have to find out the best way to share the gospel. For rural congregations their culture is completely different than urban congregations. Going door to door might actual work in a rural congregation, while in an urban setting doors may be slammed in your face. For some places it might be best to invite people into our church buildings to share the gospel, while other cultures the best way is through a small group ministry.

I think the point is, whatever you do, however you do it, our evangelism strategy needs to be based on the culture where our congregation resides.

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