Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting Away

Congragulations Todd

I spent last weekend at my brothers High School graduation in Zanesville. While my parents do have Internet, the computer was blocked almost all weekend with a card table set up with all the food for the party. Because of that I did not get online but one time. I did not Tweet on Twitter, I did not post on Facebook, and I did not post my daily updates on the blog. For those of you following, I am sorry for that. While I have read my Bible, I haven't commented on it. I am going to do so today.

But let me tell you ... it felt so good to unplug for a few day. The unplugging I have done has even carried through over the last two days. If you read me much you know that I follow several blogs. I like to read what people are thinking and feeling. What are the things many church leaders, business leader, and relationship guru's are thinking. I read there thoughts. Jason Bedell who is the lead minister with the Forefront Church in Virginia Beach is a guy I follow. Jason normally blogs several times a week. Then one day his blog dried up. I would check in each day to see if he put anything new up, but for over a month nothing. Then today there were three new post on the blog. One of those post described what I had been feeling. Check it out, read it, and you will see in his words why I go through spells.

Do you need to unplug? Is there something that you tie into too much that you really need a break. The forced unplugging I went through this past weekend worked wonders for me. I wore myself out physically, but I think it may go a long way in helping me keep so balance. At least for now.

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