Monday, March 28, 2011

I’m Back

The blog has taken a hiatus. Some of that was from laziness, some from business, and some from trying to decide what I wanted to do. Some of the best blogs I read are the ones that are structured in a powerful way. My blog at one time had structure. The structure was to comment on that days daily Bible reading. But in that I felt I got really repetitive. I want this blog to be fresh and new each day, and it wasn’t.

So …. I have spent some time away from the blog thinking about what I wanted it to look like. If you have checked in frequently and seen no progress, or have read some of my previous post, you will have noticed that I am saying the same thing I have been saying for months. Well today, I want to announce that I think I have the structure I have been seeking out. Here is what the blog is going to look like in the future …

  • Monday – Sunday @ West Side … this will be a weekly recap of the previous weekend esp. the previous Sunday.
  • Tuesday – Concerns I have in the Christian Community … I am going to highlight some of the trends, ideas, and movements that are concerning me in Christianity.
  • Wednesday – Theology … I am going to comment on what I am studying and the new things I am learning. I may also comment on some misconceptions I am seeing in the Christian community. This section will grow and change over the course of time I am sure.
  • Thursday – Thoughts on Rebuilding a Church … West Side is in the process of rebuilding the foundation. I am going to share my thoughts on the process we are going through and the lessons I am learning.
  • Friday – This day is going to be open to random ideas and thoughts that come to mind.
  • Saturday – Family Corner … I am going to talk about personal issues, things going on in our family, and projects around the house. 
  • Sunday – The blog is going to rest on this day.

Not only does the blog have a new look and design, but it also has a new structure. Hopefully this will become something worth reading for you and the members of the West Side Church. I am excited to see where this goes and also realize that none of this is set in stone. Continue checking back in to see how God is working through this blog. 

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