Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happening in Christianity

When I blog, I have a weekly format that I like to follow. While I don’t do it a ton, I have a schedule for the days of the week so that topics are somewhat organized. I haven’t done so lately because the creative juices have been drained with all the transitions we are experiencing here at West Side.
On Tuesday’s I like to share any concerns or problems I have that are going on in the Christian community. However, Today is not one of those days. This is the opposite of a concern, this is a celebration of what is going on one of Christ’s Churches.
Verve Church exist in Las Vegas with the purposes of stripping church and seeking life seeking to reach people for Jesus who live and work on the strip in Vegas. Verve seeks to go where other churches haven’t and to reach people who never dreamed of following Christ. Verve just celebrated their second birthday this past weekend. In doing so, they showed this video at their services. Please follow this link http://www.vinceantonucci.com/2012/03/verve-happs.html and read the story and watch the video.
If you want to find out more information about the ministry of Verve and what is taking place in the life of the church I encourage you to follow their Pastor Vince Antonucci’s blog.

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