Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1 ... Genesis 1-3

Today’s reading comes from Genesis 1 – 3. Before reading I invite you to pray and asked God to speak to you as you read his word.

Good morning West Sider’s. If you have ventured here today it means you are starting your new year off following West Sides Chronological Reading Plan. If you follow this plan you will read the Bible from cover to cover in on years’ time. Here on the blog you will find my thoughts or observances from that days reading.  Sometimes I might provide historical context or some theological insight that explains a difficult passage. I want to warn that I will not always be able to share everything that happens that day in the reading because there might simply be too much. Usually what I will write will be some devotional thought that might be a reoccurring theme in the various passages. Today’s post will be longer because of this introduction. It will be my goal to have these post up and on the blog each day by 6:00 a.m.

Today’s reading comes from the very first pages of God’s word. Scholars believe that Moses, who leads the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery, is the author of the book of Genesis. This narrative that he tells of the creation account is believed to have been an oral tradition passed on from generation or perhaps even a written account that was kept among the Israelites. Regardless, in the recording of this, God’s Spirit was at work and this is the information that God desired to have shared with mankind.

What I find amazing in the creation account is the God’s creativity. As we examine our world today we see creativity all around. God’s creation itself was creative. Look at the various species of plants and animals, with all their shapes, colors, and functions. Look at the landscape that surrounds us, deep valleys, tall mountains, and all the colors they come in. God was certainly creative in his creation.

But what strikes me as amazing is how creative he made his creation. We first see that in Genesis 2:19. God ask man to use his creative ability in the naming of the animals. We see that God’s creation the Serpent, representing Satan’s first appearance on the scene, is creative himself. In Genesis 3:1-5 Satan is deceiving and cunning, creative in his deception of Eve. We see that in our own world. Satan has been very creative in luring mankind further and further away from God.

All this screams that our God, our creator, is very creative in his nature. As people created in his image we are implanted with the ability to be creative. As we begin this new year let us remember the creativity with which we are equipped and use that in a an amazing way to praise, honor, and glorify God. 

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