Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2 – Exodus 10-12

Today’s reading comes from Exodus 10-12. Before reading I invite you to pray and asked God to speak to you as you read his word.

Have you ever experienced darkness? I mean really experienced it, where you can see nothing, not even the shadow of you hand, where there is no light being created anywhere or even creeping through a crack in the room or dwelling you are in? I do not know if I have ever truly experienced real darkness. The closest I have ever come was in a cave in Kentucky that I ventured through with my youth group when I was in high school. We found a room in the cave where we stopped, paused, turned our flashlights off and worshiped God. It was a really cool experience; however, it was not complete darkness. Off in one direction you could see light coming in reflecting in the water. This little bit of light was enough to provide comfort. Still the darkness was kind of eerie.

I cannot imagine the darkness those in Egypt felt. The only light was coming from God’s people. It was a darkness that forced everyone to stay home. No light, except from God’s people, could be generated. Is not that a cool reminder of the truth? That those in Christ, that those connected to the one true power source, are the only ones able to generate real light in this world.

People should see Christ living in you. People should see the light that you as a follower put out. We were not created to live in darkness, and that is the joy of knowing Christ … we know light, and people are attracted to the light. Let your light shine.

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