Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do you Process or Event?

Today I was reading a great blog by Seth Godin. On his blog he was talking about process vs. events. A process is the long haul, the path you take to get to your eventual goal or next level. Seth relates the process concept to loosing weight and dating. An event is an individual part of that process. Seth relates the event concept to setting up a trade show booth.

In the church, are we focused on the events or the processes?
If we are focused on the event then life change in people would be sporadic and all over the place. But if we are focused on the process, then life change is constant and always taking place. In the church the process is the system that will move you through each level of church growth. In the church the process is the path people take to go from a Christian who needs milk to a Christian who is eating solid foods. In the church the events are things that help the process move along. In the church the events attract people to the church, are the events that spur them to Christ, and are the events that encourage people to step up and serve. These may be festivals that attract the community to your church, the revival that moves the heart, and the ministry fair that calls for volunteers. But remember, these are just the tools of the process, the long term goal. There might be a wide variety of events that go into accomplishing one part of the process.

Can you define the processes in your church? Can you define the events in your church that help the process move? Can you distinguish between the two?

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