Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Media Overdose

Last spring I stumbled across a couple of internet comedians … Rhett and Link. They are a couple of guys from central North Carolina who earn their money by making videos for the internet as well as some local business. As I scanned through their music videos I came across the following one.

Some days this is exactly how I feel. I was sitting in my parent’s living room on Thanksgiving, talking to family, when one of them asked if I did Facebook. I then proceeded to tell them I email, text, tweet, Facebook, MySpace, and Blog, and to top it off, I am able to do all that not only through my computer but also through my cell phone. I also read four or five blogs daily, as well as participate on a couple message boards, and I only do a fraction of what some of my friends do. Friends, we live in a digital age. One of the things we must do is find a way to balance all of it. It is sometimes tricky find the perfect balance, but it is very necessary.

I say all this as a reminder to myself. Beginning in January I will be making daily blog updates corresponding to the Bible reading plan at the church. It takes a careful balance not to spend all day scanning the web, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, while I am working on God’s work for his kingdom.

So what digital media do you find yourself tied to each day?

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