Monday, January 25, 2010

Leadership Principle

A couple of months ago I got on here and ranted about my beloved Cleveland Browns. I was frustrated and upset with the direction the team was going. After 11 season back in the NFL we had a horrible product on the field. My plea then was that the problems of the Browns started at the top. I was of the opinion that the Browns needed new ownership.

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Now, a few months removed from those comments, watching the team win the last four games of the season, and seeing great changes take place, I would like to retract my comments. I still believe the Browns problems start at the top. After spending time reading many articles and things about Browns owner Randy Lerner, I believe he does care, I believe he does have the best interest of the team at heart, and does want to see them win. That is why I believe he has removed himself from the situation and brought in Mike Holmgren.

Now Holmgren has only been in the job a few weeks, but his hiring brings credibility to the organization. He has taken two teams from rubble and brought them into the national spot light by taking them to 3 Super Bowls. Holmgren brings instant credibility to the leadership role of the Browns. Finally after 11 seasons there is a football guy running football operations.

I think that the church must be careful to do the same thing. If we seek to grow, if we seek to reach people for Christ then our leadership should be that of a church growth expert. I am not talking about any man or woman, I am talking about Christ. Christ should be the head of the church. Christ should be who we turn to as we make decisions for his church. Are we making decisions based on our desires and preferences’, or are we making decisions based on what Christ’s leadership would call for? After reading through 2/3 of the book of Matthew this month with West Side Bible Reading Plan, I believe it is clear that Jesus leadership would be radical. Is your church radical? Is your church seeking Christ leadership? If not, maybe you need to stop listening to yourself.

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