Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Faithful Women

Below is the daily Bible reading I am doing for the West Side Church. Please feel free to follow along.

Women play a vital role in the lives of man kind. Women have the privilege of carrying and giving birth to children. Women have a nurturing spirit that is essential in the raising of a child. The wife of a man plays the role of support and structure … making a home that is pleasant and calm after a long day of work, building that man up with encouraging words and actions, and providing for his individual needs (A side note, the mans role is just a vital to women as well). In today’s society women have a much stronger role than at any other time in history.

In today’s reading (Acts 16) we see two women whose roles are greatly acknowledged. Timothy’s mother was a Jewess. She was instrumental in raising up Timothy to be a follower of God. Elsewhere we see Lydia who is a Worshiper of God. She is instrumental in Paul and Silas work in bringing the message of the gospel to the town of Philippi. These two women played a vital role in helping to grow God’s church.

So who are the women in your life that have formed and shaped your relationship with God? Maybe it was your mother or grandmother. Maybe it was a Sunday School teacher. Maybe it was a woman who helped lead you to Christ. I think the majority of us can look back on our walk with Christ and can attributed it to a woman who was sold out for God (I do realize that not everyone can say this). Have you thanked that woman lately for the vital role she played in leading you to Christ?

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