Friday, March 1, 2013

February 28 – Numbers 14-15 & Psalm 90

Today’s reading comes from Numbers 14-15 & Psalm 90. Before reading I invite you to pray and asked God to speak to you as you read his word.

Because we are doing a chronological reading plan … reading the Bible in the order the events played out, not in the order the books and chapters are placed … we are going to be reading from various different books at different times. One way we might do that is like the time when we read the entire book of Job in the middle of Genesis. Other ways might be short little intersessions of different books telling the same story. Today we get something similar. After the punishment of God for the disbelief Moses writes what we consider Psalm 90. For true chronological purposes in our plan Psalm 90 is inserted into our reading for today. Do you see the parallels or the lessons Moses learned and has thus wrote about?

I also found it amazing that Moses had the audacity to try and remind God of who he is and what he has done. His whole argument makes sense … “God I saw the power you delivered us from Egypt with. I know that you were trying to teach the Egyptians, and us, who you are. If you kill off this people and start from me (I think Moses argument in reaction to Numbers 14:12 is acting with the greatest of humility, a lesson we can all learn) then you are going to humiliate your name. And you do not want that do you.” (Paraphrase all mine). But here is the cool lesson; Moses had learned humility and boldness. When God comes to him in the burning bush he asks, “why me, I am not good at speaking.” Now he has the humility and the boldness to correctly speak to God and even change God’s intentions. That can only happen with a life changing relationship with God. How is that developing in your life?

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