Friday, February 5, 2010

All For You!!!!

Each day I am doing a post for the Bible reading we are doing at West Side. Feel free to read along.

Today’s reading (Matthew 26) shows an amazing progression. The passage begins with the disciples planning the Passover feast. I am sure they know something amazing is getting ready to happen. Just five days before they witnessed Jesus riding into town on a donkey and people laid palm branches and cloaks in the road. They have heard some amazing testimony from Jesus about the life he has called them to live. In other gospels he has even talked about the end of his life approaching. Having witnessed all that, they still aren’t ready for what is to come.

Before dinner Judas agrees to betray Jesus. While at dinner Jesus sends Judas out to do what he has sold his heart for. During dinner Jesus tells Peter he will disown him three times. While in the garden, Jesus prays that God take away his suffering, but knows it must be fulfilled. Finally Judas arrives with the guards and Jesus is arrested.

When Judas arrives several things happen. Peter cuts the ear off of the servant of the High Priest. Jesus then scolds Peter saying that he could call thousands of angels to defeat these few men. While being questioned by the Sanhedrin he stands silently not denying their claims of him.

Why did he send Judas to do what his heart was set on doing? Why did he accept the will of God? Why did he not call the angels to his rescue? Why did he stand quietly by? Why? Because of you. Jesus left heaven, left comfort, and humbled himself so that you can have life. So that you can be cleansed of your sins, washed in the blood and have the privilege of spending eternity in the prescience of God. Again, what an amazing God we serve!!!!
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