Monday, February 8, 2010

A Couple Observations

Below is the daily Bible reading I am doing for West Side Church of Christ. Feel free to follow along.

Today’s reading (Matthew 27) packs a lot in it. I would like to point out a couple things that raised my attention.

When Pilate is trying to decide what to do with Jesus the people ask that Barabbas, a notorious prisoner, be handed over to them instead of Jesus. Then after their discourse the crowd begins to shout “Crucify Him.” A lot of times we paint these people as villains. Maybe we do this because it is the truth. However, they are a cog in the wheel to God’s plan. I think we are just as guilty for the crucifixion as these people there that day. It is our sin that made it necessary for Christ’s death. Had we been there that day, I wander how we would have responded? Would we have blended in with the crowd, or would we have stood up for Jesus? Because of their understanding of the coming messiah, I think we may have been chanting along side of them.

Another thing I saw was the veil tearing in two. I love this image. When Jesus dies, a new covenant is beginning. The veil tearing is God himself leaving the temple. No longer is God going to reside in the temple. No longer is God going to be in one place for people to come and worship him. Jesus discussion with the Samaritan woman is coming to light. The old covenant has served its purpose, and the new is beginning.

Finally, there is something strange that happens. When Jesus dies, the veil is torn, and the earth shakes, tombs with many holy people are opened and they begin to appear to people in the holy city. I am not going to comment any further other than … weird.

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