Thursday, February 4, 2010

Help Wanted

Below is the daily Bible reading I am doing for West Side Church of Christ. Feel free to follow along.

As a preacher reading today’s passage (Matthew 25) a sermon outline came to mind. In this post I would like to flesh out that sermon outline.

The passage opens up with Jesus telling his followers about ten virgins. Five were prepared for the coming of the bridegroom and five were underprepared. The five who were underprepared had to go and buy more oil for their lamps. While they were gone, the bridegroom came. The five did not get to go in because they were not there, and when they arrived they were turned away.

Then Jesus begins to talk about a rich man who entrusted his servants with different amounts of money while he was gone. To one he gave five talents, to another he gave two, and to a third he gave one. The one who got five, invested the money and earned the master another five talents. The one who got two did like the man with five and doubled the master’s money. The man with one talent knew the master was a hard man, instead of investing he put the talent in the ground so not loose it. The master then rewarded the two who invested the money and scolded the one who buried it.

The final story in this trilogy Jesus talks about separating the sheep from the goats. As he moves on he talks about the service people have done for others. He compares clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, giving to the thirsty as doing something for him.

This trilogy breaks down into an amazing three part sermon. I find it odd that most sermons you hear are three parts. I guess that is the basic way we are all taught to create a sermon.

I. We must be constantly prepared as we wait for the coming of Christ
II. As we wait we are to be investing the gifts and talents we are given by God back into his kingdom.
III. When we serve others, we are serving Christ.

Friends, many times I see Christians living any way they want. They are not anticipating the return of Christ. We are called to be prepared for the return. While we are waiting on that return, we are not to sit idly by. We are to be investing in the kingdom. Each has been given gifts and abilities. We are to use those gifts and abilities to help God’s kingdom along. Finally as we bless others we have the privilege of blessing God himself.

So, when you examine your life, are you sitting idly by not prepared for the return? Are you using your talents to further the kingdom? Are you blessing Christ by blessing others?
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gregwhite said...

Who ever came up with the doctrine of you can be a Christian and Jesus is not be your everything? Isn't that what is prevalent? If the people are living any way they want, then they are not Christian. I am not saying Christians can't sin or cannot fall into sin. What I am talking about is a person who loves the world, loves sin, who drinks up the world like he drinks water. No conviction, no remorse, no changed life.

Christianity is not I have to try real hard to love the things I hate. I have to try really hard to hate the things I love.

Christianity is realizing who we are naturally. Realizing that we stinkith and deserve Hell. Realizing that Jesus had to pay the price (God the Father poured out His Holy wrath on to His Son and crushed His Son), so that we may have life eternal in Heaven. We share in His death and are born again through His life.

God is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Dawson said...

You said that very well Greg. Amen!

So when I first read your comment, I had just finished approaving some about our church website. I was totally confused, had to go back and reread my post.

I enjoy your comments each day. Thank you for adding to the discussion.