Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ever Seeking

Below is the daily Bible reading I am doing for the West Side Church. Feel free to follow along.

I have read this chapter in Acts many times (Acts 6), and normally my focus is on what these seven men where selected to do, not who they were. But one phrase jumped out at me. One of the men chosen to wait on table was Nicolas.

Luke gives us a lot of information about Nicolas. His name alone lets us know that he is not Jewish by heritage and that he is from a Greek speaking part of the world (All these men selected are from Greek speaking parts of the world. Many may be Jews by heritage dispersed when the Assyrians attacked the ten northern tribes). Luke doesn’t require us to figure that out on our. In the text he tells us that he was from Antioch. Then he tells us he was a convert to Judaism. This means Nicolas did not grow up in a Jewish home or with Jewish teachings. Finally we know he has also converted to Christianity because he has been selected to serve the Grecian widows.

So why did this stand out to me? This was intriguing because Nicolas was on a search for God. For some reason he wasn’t content with the polytheism his culture and society taught him was correct. Somewhere along the way he was introduced to the one true God through Judaism. However, he didn’t join a synagogue and put blinders on. He was willing to accept the gospel message and come to faith in Christ.

The question I have for you is … are you seeking truth, are you seeking God in such a way as to put aside foolish arguments, put aside foolish pride so that you can grow closer to him in ways you have never before? That’s what Nicolas did, and it paid off, he got his name in the most popular book the world has ever printed.

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