Monday, February 8, 2010

Greatest Game Ever?

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This morning on the radio there are many people talking about the Super Bowl. Many people believe it was a great game. Maybe it was. But I tend to disagree. The best part of the Super Bowl to me was the coverage leading up to the game and CBS’s job of covering the game.

When I look back on this Super Bowl I probably will not remember it. To me some of the most memorable games were the St. Louis Rams VS Tennessee Titans, last years game between Pittsburg and Arizona, the Patriots and Giants, as well as a few others. This game lacked anything exciting. From the National Anthem, to the half time show, to even the commercials, this game was a dud. The game itself did not live up to the hype of the two best offenses in league matching up. It was what I thought it would be, the Saints defense overcoming the Colts offense. I will remember the onside kick and the interception, but other than that, nothing else.

I wish football season would have ended with a bigger bang. I wish it would have had a more memorable game, but it did not, and now there is no Pro Bowl to conclude the season. At least I have NFL Network, where football season never ends, and the Combine to look forward to.

Sorry for a depressing post, just thought I would share and vent. I hope you enjoyed the game and got more out of it than I did.

The images above were taken from Film School Rejects and Plan Buzz.

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Jimmy McLoud said...

I hear you bro...what the game needed was for Brett Favre to be in it, like he should have been. You can bet it would have been memorable then...stinking Saints.